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The Union of Luxury and Design

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

What is Luxury Interior Design?

Attempting to define what luxury interior design is can be difficult as it is mostly dependent on personal preferences. True luxury can be hard to define, it is a natural process that starts as a seed in our hearts and is reflected in our lifestyle choices.

Luxury is often associated with indulgence, comfort, and elegance and is synonymous with being expensive.

Luxury interior design focuses on curating elements of sophistication, detail, comfort, and quality. These elements are what make luxury interior design desirable. The image above is a modern luxury villa interior design by iMaker Group, one of the best interior design companies based in Dubai, UAE.

Major Characteristics of Luxury Interior Design

Now let's take a look at what makes luxury interior design what it is. Perhaps this can help you define it or give you context to the above definition.

Here are characteristics of luxury interior design:

Comfort is the principal key

Luxury is synonymous with comfort and convenience and luxury interiors must exude these elements. They are designed and engineered to function optimally and serve you the user.

The space should be warm, inviting, and exude calmness and comfort, while evoking an extreme sense of well-being. Luxury interior design elements used to be marked by opulence and extravagance, today in addition to a sense of pride and accomplishment we look to design to also fill us with a feeling of comfort and peace.

Less is more

Modern luxury interior design can be defined by creating a space that is considerately designed but not necessarily flamboyant. Clutter is antithetical to modern high-end design and can bring more disorderliness than we think.

Luxury interior design is highly curated and every element is well thought out and considered.

Sustainable material selection

An important stage in the luxury interior design process is the selection of materials, textures, and colors, and it is important to use colors that are warm and inviting. Every material and texture used should communicate the entire character of the space and carry a sense of peculiarity without seeming odd.

The use of materials and textures that compliments the surrounding environment is a great way of creating stylish, high-end interior design. Materials combinations such as stone and metal, wood and fabric, and generally eco-friendly material combinations.

When making the choice of materials for modern luxury interior design, you would want to consider airy feathers, grainy earthy reclaimed wood, shiny metal appeal, and the allure of high-quality leather.

Different textures provide varying degrees of the feeling of depth, exclusiveness, visual weight, and dimension to any space.


Luxury interior design curates the elements of design to achieve balance and unity, every element is complementary and builds into making every space related.

Fits into every style

The luxury interior design fits into a variety of design styles whether it is contemporary minimalism or classical style. The key is in the use of refined materials and detailing.

Luxury interior design can be influenced by different styles, an example is a traditionally styled space can have a classic wall mural, quality wall décor, curtains, and elaborate upholstery.

Designing with the whole in mind

What really defines luxury interior design is not the elaborate use of beautiful elements but it is authenticity. Creativity, inspiration, and exploration form the basis of luxury interior design.

The experience is all that matters

When it comes to luxury interior design, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, everyone has different priorities, and it is different for everyone how they imagine a luxurious environment.

Irrespective of our different priorities, what remains constant and perhaps the most important experience is that you walk into a room and instantly feel relaxed. Luxury interior design based on the balanced curation of shapes, colors, textures, and proportions is what improves our experience.

Elements of Luxury Interior Design

Here are some elements that luxury interiors are defined by:

Statement Art Pieces

Statement art pieces are a great element of luxury interior design, and investing in just one statement art piece is a better design choice than a clutter of regular artwork.

Bespoke Furniture

Luxury interiors are defined by comfort and high-end furniture brings that into the space. Stylish and well-arranged furniture improves the social interaction in space.


Accent lighting when properly used highlights the elements in the space, like art or architectural pieces. Modern luxury interior spaces use the lighting of different shapes, sizes, and purposes. Lighting is so important; it helps you emphasize special features and allows you to put each statement art piece in its own spotlight.


Luxury interior design is a process that requires creativity and should be handled by design professionals like the iMaker Group. This process requires you to understand the client’s lifestyle, preferences, and unique way of doing certain things.

The luxury interior design process embraces the joy of living and the beauty of the surrounding environment. At every stage of this process, every element is important; from determining a functional plan to the final choice of décor.

The modern design professional is constantly examining new ideas, is careful about detail, and carefully considers materials options and finishes.

Modern luxury interior design is authentic, considers the user’s taste and personality, and seeks to improve their quality of life and overall experience of the interior space.

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