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Tips for Small Space Designing

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Interiors in small and compact spaces look the cutest when designed with style. However, decorating small spaces can be tricky and make you draw multiple schemes to make it happen. The small spaces essential and spacious are the best-needed combination in every home.

Decorating your space is an evolving concept that brings in newer and better ideas every other day. Interior designing is about correlating the trends with your personal preferences and practicality to get the best interior. After all, what is an interior if it does not speak of you and shines with your style?

Compact and small spaces do not always mean cramped stuff and loaded shelves, they could be smart and stylish with the right interior design. Interior designing can be delusional in terms of space with the right interior decisions. Let it be a condo with an extravagant space or a minimalist apartment setup, we take all your worries about space design and give you the right suggestions.

We bring you the magic formula to decorate your small spaces without looking cramped and speaking style in space.

Storage Shelves

We shout SHELVES when it comes to storage optimization and style. Shelves have grown a trend in interior design with a variety of new shapes and designs. Their temporal nature and easy-to-build nature make them more popular and a good idea for your interior.

You can use storage shelves in bathrooms, kitchens, rooms, and almost everywhere. They uplift the space with their versatile style and save up space for each room. Shelves are made up of wood, iron, brass, and steel. They cater to both heavy and light items depending on their build. Shelves are good at organizing stuff and making the place look wider and de-cluttered.

Foldable pieces

Folding pieces are a great choice in compact interiors. They come, they serve and they can be removed. Temporal use and disposal is the best thing that can happen to small interior design.

Having foldable tables around your space, kitchens, and rooms does the job right and saves space. These foldable pieces stack up your things in their small drawers and save space that could be consumed on the floor otherwise.

These foldable pieces are sleek and adjust in walls, unlike the big furniture pieces which hit you every time you move in a small space. These folding shelves and furniture make your space look organized and clean by hiding all the clutter in themselves.

Mirror around

Decorative mirrors on your walls and around your space create reflective images and make the space look bigger. Mirrors carved in beautiful glass and woodwork complement the space with contrasting images and looks.

Plus, mirrors are a modern way of interior design tactic we love to use around. They also create an illusion of a few feet and make the space look vast. You can choose different types of mirrors, away from the usual rectangles and circles.

Same Color Palette

Make your compact space look organized and collected with the same color scheme around the rooms. Too many colors and shades make it look jammed up. You could choose a dramatic color tone universally or vice versa.

Neutrals are the top trending color palette and are a good choice for every interior ranging from the living room to the bedroom.

Storage Furniture

Make the best out of the necessary furniture in your small space by opting for furniture with storage areas/drawers. Built-in drawers in beds, benches, tables, and ottomans. These spaces are a hide-out for the extra sweaters, quilts, and throws giving a clean and uniform look to your space.

A sofa bed is also great and bi-use furniture. It serves for both sofa and bed by occupying one space of one.

Make Space

Compact and small spaces look the most cramped and messy when you push furniture with the walls and keep no space between them. Leave little spaces between walls and furniture and let the space look breathable.

Another way to make more space is to get rid of unusable furniture like accent chairs and extra tables.

Create vertical spaces

Make use of vertical spaces and the walls by installing hooks and holders in your rooms. These hooks are for the most use in the kitchen to hang utensils, washcloths, and cups too. These hooks are small and can be used in any corner of the house; behind doors, on walls, and inside cupboards.

These hooks are used to hold and organize the stuff that is likely to be lost because of their small size like keys, handles, etc. These hooks take a load and save space prominently.

Make your home look bigger and better with these simple tricks. Welcome open space and plan your interior to get a beautiful home of your choice. Happy interior decorating in a compact way.

A Private Residential Apartment in Dubai - Designed by iMaker Group

Project Location | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

For a compact apartment, this is trendy and stylish. nothing but opulence. The materials and furniture, which has been carefully chosen and properly positioned to maximize space. Designing the interior was carefully planned in collaboration with the owner. The project is located in Dubai Creek Harbor. Was completed and handed over in September 2021.

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