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A Private Residential Villa in Saudi Arabia - The Perfect Luxury Space for Rediscoveries

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Focused on nature and mindfulness, this private residential villa by iMaker Group provides a spacious private courtyard complete with a striking landscape design. This outdoor haven is the perfect area for meditation or a quiet evening with friends or family. The flowing vines add privacy along hedges along the perimeter. The outdoor lounge can be enjoyed any time of the day and night, thanks to the glass and metal hovering down to protect the space from the elements.

This project is more than just aesthetics; it makes a statement. The vegetation aspects are beautifully portrayed in landscape design. Although each room in this home has its own unique personality, they are all connected by the same materials and circulation.

The different levels and textures add richness to the rather expansive and single-leveled space. With its dramatic lighting, it sets a meditative and transcending area for guests.

Completing the natural setting, a water element by the deck is provided. The hot jacuzzi by the side is inviting and can accommodate guests by many.

The metal framed glass screens with hovering foliage, provide a sense of privacy and security to the space.

The simple rhythmic arrangement encourages you to walk further and explore the long hallway with a glass ceiling and wall. With a high floor-to-ceiling and a glass canopy, it doesn’t feel claustrophobic.

The subtle curves provide a break from the straight-edged designs while giving character and presence amidst the busy elements.

Inspired by the oriental Japanese paper walls and European hedges the merging of these two themes creates an interesting interior design. The seating lounge enjoys cross ventilation, thanks to the floor-to-ceiling high windows and openings.

A cozy sunken lounge by the side is just the perfect spot to wait for a friend or see an acquaintance. Adding rhythm and dimension to the ensemble are the black and white striped lounges.

To achieve privacy without compromising the outdoor needs of the property, an expansive courtyard is provided. The courtyard is complete with landscape elements such as water, green escapes, and layered topography.

Likened to a Parisian-inspired interior but injecting bolder colors and other surprising elements. With the resurgence of mid-century style, we’ll see more of the curved and graphic elements such as these Mid-century seats and chairs. The cool white lighting sends a sublime and mystic vibe.

Incorporating otherworldly elements adds character and a homey feel to the space.

Anchoring down the rest of the design elements is the geometrically designed carpet that adds a cozy air to the bedroom space. Aside from filling up the floorspace, the carpet is practical in buffering down the sound and providing a cozy spot for the feet to rest.

Many of the contemporary interior design elements are drawn from classic or traditional elements such as the use of the herringbone pattern or parquet flooring. The subtle sophistication provides a familiar and reassuring element to the space.

Reminiscent of the high-end chic boutique by the avenue, this gorgeous walk-in closet showcases luxurious finishes and overflowing storage compartments and is complete with its bar and counter.

An immaculate his and hers full bath beckons its spectators with its stark white backdrop perfectly lined with gold accents.

A grand entrance definitely gives a lasting impression as the lobby celebrates the elements of space and light. As the first interior space to be seen, it establishes the theme for the rest of the luxury residence. Keeping this in mind, the textured wall stretches unapologetically from the floor to above the ceiling.

Feel pampered and special with this stunning suite bathroom. An undeniable opulence is seen in the exquisite quarried tile and intricate wall moldings.

The lobby serves as an introduction to the property and as seen the space showcases the rich textures and materials. Dominating the look are the gold and bronze metals showcased with the circular objects vertically lined up. The simple off-white walls have intricate carvings and designs adding personality to the space.

Like true swans bathed in natural light and rain, the bronze figures stand randomly in the midst of the opulent space. Each with their distinct character standing contently on the water feature.

Pamper away in your personal spa and salon space. The room interior is complete with upholstered seats and footstools, and headrests for washing off hair. Full body mirrors, wash sinks, and wall shelves. The gold trims are seen accentuating the walls and other elements which gives the room a more luxurious appearance.

This project is more than just luxurious; it makes a statement. A spacious private courtyard. Stunning landscape design expresses the greenery aspects. Although each room in this home has its own unique personality, they are all connected by the same materials and circulation.

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