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A Modern Mansion – A Fresh Take in Contemporary Architecture

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

iMaker Group has taken contemporary architecture to a whole new level in the design of this modern mansion. For instance, the façade has a straightforward design with clean lines and simplicity. However, this does not exclude it from being appealing. Despite its simplicity, the modern exterior design exudes versatility. Materials such as timber for the cantilevered roof and aluminum frames in the windows have been used for the façade design. The façade is distinguished by the elegant shapes used in the textures, materials, and windows will undoubtedly cause people to pause as they drive or stroll past.

A place can be highlighted by using a different material in one location. The beautiful vertical hardwood door, along with concrete, and glass, create a cascade of layers. The goal was to use the contrast between the materials to produce a distinctive look that is both classic and wholly contemporary.

The Modern Feeling

For those seeking a minimalist outside for their property while giving it meaning, the contemporary exterior design is an easy choice. The sleek contemporary style complements modern settings effectively. A monochromatic color scheme incorporates white, grey, and black to provide a stylistically dynamic façade, such as in the contemporary mansion. A wonderful water feature such as the rectangular fountain adds an aesthetic appeal along with grandeur to the entrance.

The contemporary architecture emphasizes and celebrates light, both natural and artificial. This entails allowing in as much light as you can, especially through structural components like sizable windows and skylights. The mansion encompasses several windows as well as floor-to-ceiling windows which allow natural light. Furthermore, it is a shining beacon on the block. The ceilings and walls, of this very inventive two-story, are lit by LED line fixtures.

Within a symmetrical and proportionate design, we can observe straightforward and clean lines representing contemporary architecture. A symmetrical layout and regularly spaced elements like windows - the rectangular windows are arranged symmetrically in a contemporary manner. Symmetry provides stature and significance. Your gaze is allowed to rest on the mansion because there are no shifting planes or overlapping volumes that cause your eyes to jump around. The symmetrical design also adds both balance and beauty to the exterior - a balance between the form and the symmetry that elevates the exterior.

The Breath-Taking View

Additionally, a link to the outer world; considerable attention was put into creating the environment and how the building would interact with the surrounding landscape. A similar enchanting scene greets visitors in the mansion’s front yard and backyard. The designer put together an integration between the two that delivers an image of glamour. Every window provides a breath-taking view of the surrounding landscape including the view of the swimming pool from the back window.

The luxury contemporary mansion’s exterior is vast, sleek, and all-around breath-taking, and it stands out as some of the best examples of modern residential architecture. Furthermore, you can show off your interiors to the outside world thanks to the big windows and open architecture. A contemporary mansion with a spacious open front yard and backyard, attractive white, grey, and timber exterior design, and glass windows. Nothing compares to the exterior of a modern home, which features open windows, clean lines, and an unmistakable sleekness.

Contemporary design is one of the most common design philosophies which continues to grow in popularity. Contemporary houses are among the favorites because of their ingenious design and appealing exteriors. Through innovative architecture, floor-to-ceiling picture windows, and tight angles combined with curved surfaces, architects and designers continue to push the boundaries and redefine how we live. Open floor layouts, clean lines, little clutter, and a neutral color scheme are some of the guiding principles of contemporary living. These components are essential to leading a calm and refined lifestyle, and conventional wisdom holds that elevating your house will also raise your life.

iMaker Group is one of the leading architectural, interior design, and landscaping firms based in Dubai. They offer a wide range of services including interior design, building design, landscape architecture, and much more.

About iMaker Group

iMaker Group is an established architecture, interior design, and landscaping company located in the heart of UAE, providing services emphasizing luxury lifestyle, exclusive bespoke design for clients, and creating luxurious space.

With iMaker Group, you do not have to worry about all the processes and procedures as it provides you with turnkey solutions. Committing to providing quality service and experience from conceptual design, construction, up to completion, and handing over stage.

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