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What are the Latest Trends in Designing Luxury Homes

In 2021, the house remained the focus of society, and several design styles reflected this. The gloomy white walls of the past are no more. Homeowners all over the world began to have fun with home décor again last year, pushing the dominant trend of interior minimalism to the side as preferences for eye-catching accessories like vibrant wallpaper prints and black kitchens. But in the realm of luxury homes, architects and builders abandoned dazzling, extravagant finishing in favor of a more modest interpretation of designing luxury homes to produce houses that were serene and muted.

Industry experts predict that designing luxury homes will continue to place a high value on living environments that are calm, inclusive of nature, and adaptable enough to handle uncertain times. So, if you've always had a passion for practical design, keep reading. The latest design trends in luxury homes are listed below. Along with that, we will also be showcasing one of our finest projects; iMaker Group's FMR Project located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - an epitome filled with the latest design trends within a luxury residence.

Nature-Based Hues & Materials

Natural colors also contribute to the calm and warmth of the atmosphere. Rich browns, neutrals, cognacs, greens, and burnt umber may support the grounding and coziness of a place.

We are more drawn to nature and want to bring aspects of it inside after being on lockdown for so long. On walls, backsplashes, and decorative items, you may also find natural stones and raw materials like timber, marble, and cement in both, exteriors and interiors.

An Upscale Kitchen

Modern kitchens are firmly on the rise again. Warm colors, spacious drawers, and an abundance of stainless steel equipment are all present. Additionally, there is also a rise in the popularity of statement walls such as marble or even wooden paneling as seen in Villa FMR. The warm color palette paired with the black marble floor stands out in the naturally lit kitchen.

According to interior designers, kitchens will be more functional and have new technology integrated into the design, including touchless and interactive appliances. Other appliances, such as coffee makers, are incorporated into the design for a sleeker and cleaner finish. At the same time, the storage will include areas for stowing away bulky equipment, like mixers and blenders.

Spaces for Wellness

Yoga and meditation rooms are just two examples of wellness-focused spaces that are being included in luxury house design. Villa FMR has a separate gym room for the residents to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. The gym room holds all sorts of exercise equipment and is well lit, and well ventilated making it a wellness space within the home. With the newest equipment, hydrotherapy, and specialized stretching places, the home gym is becoming completely customized.

Exotic Chandeliers & Pendant Lights

After years of embracing subtle alabaster, blown glass, bronze, and other lighting styles, we have now lured towards chandeliers with vibrant hues and unique shapes. In our design for Villa FMR, we suspended a cast glass chandelier in the style of a floating blanket to frame the dining area. Furthermore, in order to add a whimsical touch, we’ve added various shapes of chandeliers in different spaces around the luxurious villa. The main living room is lit with an elegant glass chandelier with hues of white and yellow adding grandeur to the space.

Luxury Bathrooms

Luxury homes are including bathrooms that enable individuals to shake off the worries of the day and rejuvenate as the home becomes more and more of a haven as a result of the pandemic. Interior designers say that bathrooms are becoming areas with a spa-like ambiance for wealthy households.

The interior designs at Villa FMR cater to all our luxury needs. Large showers with many shower head kinds, soaker tubs, exquisite fixtures, earthy stones, and high-end finishes are all part of the Villa’s design. Bigger vanities with lots of space to get ready as well as steam or sauna areas inside the bathroom can also be witnessed and are a part of the latest design trends for a luxury home.

Private Luxury Villa Project by iMaker Group

Clean lines, modern accents, and historical details combine to make this luxury house project really unique. Classical elements are represented in the inner courtyard and its interiors, while the contemporary modern design is on display in the front.

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