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Luxury Interior Designing for Modern Homes

Designing luxury villas requires a lot of creativity since, unlike with normal villa spaces, it is important to consider the massive structural components, unique features of the stairs, entrance areas, terraces, fireplaces, and even the view from the windows. Large spaces enable the practical implementation of efficient interior solutions.

Opulent Project Villas by iMaker Group

These two lavish villas located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia exude elegance and grandeur and have a classist impact with a contemporary twist. Each room reflects the individuality of its owner, with simple yet magnificently designed spaces, neutral or pastel hues, and clean, beautiful vertical and horizontal lines. The furnishings and fixtures are thoughtfully chosen to enhance the beauty of the area while also blending in with the theme.

Exquisitely captivating, these gorgeous luxury villas showcase tasteful elements with comfort in mind. View the project here.

The social spaces maintain that sophisticated quality with sleek rectilinear features dominating the scenes softened by occasional preludes of curved elements. The neutral shades such as gray and white establish a timeless backdrop while providing an opportunity for textured surfaces to be highlighted from each design element.

Considering the Natural Light

Thanks to the generous amount of sunlight drenching through large floor-to-ceiling windows and effortlessly distributed further by reflective surfaces the mood in each space are instant.

The modern sofa chosen for this project blends in perfectly with the center table, creating a color contrast with the dining room area. In the living area, however, the colors are already darker and have a clearer saturation, which prevents the project from losing its three-dimensionality because the space is well-lit and has mirrors that give it depth and dimension.

This gorgeous atmosphere is the outcome of a modern project with a variety of colors and silky materials, and it makes us want to bring it into our own homes.

Amidst the strict straight-edged architecture is a whiff and splash of statement luminaires, mesmerizing spectators while combining the elements together. These awe-inspiring pieces add movement and life to every room.

Like painted water on thin air, the hovering statement piece fills in the void and draws the eyes upward effectively, a unique movement of color and form.

Adding grandeur to the already expansive square footage are floor-to-ceiling high mirror dividers. The series of elongated mirrors adds rhythm and depth while distributing light and views from the outdoors.

The Functional Spaces

Each space tells a different story but functional rooms are tied together with a harmonious use of lines and forms with earthen and neutrals working together. This cozy living area maximizes its wall space with random open shelves backlit to perfectly display trinkets, books, and other worldly treasures.

First impressions last and the entryways are as captivating as their destinations with their luxurious materials, amazing lighting systems, and layered elements carefully made with an almost poetic translation of spaces.

Seamless and highly functional, the kitchen area maintains a sleek and clean aesthetic through built-in and concealed storage with pockets and sliding doors. The layered textures provide a rich and welcoming vibe in a rather minimalist configuration. The waterfall edge on both sides of the island with a fluted façade is another timeless and contemporary feature.

Adding Warmth to Design

The warm and festive atmosphere is palpable in this stylish and almost ethereal lighting. Warm tones of cream, gold, and wood accents; velvety cushioned dining chairs with an elegant profile create effortlessly give that comfy vibe. An impressive luminaire hovering atop matches the sophisticated elements while adding a ceiling feature.

Customized for the most discerning inhabitant, this stunning bedroom simply oozes a tasteful design. Starting with its velvet floor-to-ceiling headboard in vertical panels perfectly framed with stained mirrors that simulate glass windows. The bed floats ethereally with under-bed LED lights perfectly balanced at each side with elevated nightstands. The wood floors perfectly anchor the elements and add warmth and coziness to the minimalist space.

Personal spaces are also as grand and luxurious as social areas. The design opted for vertical directionality drawing the eyes upward and keeping the impression of spaciousness. The quarried stone combined with a warm cream hue and gold accents is other features that continue the opulent look.

Design is in the details. Unexpected artistic creations add interest to the luxurious space. The abstract backdrop is just the perfect visual escapade adding that organic touch that relaxes the spectator’s perspective.

A blend of materials, such as wood and marble, gives this room a warm and beautiful dynamic! These projects are inspired by a rich yet modern aesthetic, and the furniture choices made for them are quite compatible with the overall atmosphere!

iMaker Project in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

2 opulent villas with a classist influence that emanates elegance and grandeur. Each space exudes the owner's personality, with clean and elegant lines and neutral and pastel colors that demonstrate simplicity while still appearing magnificent. The furniture and fixtures are carefully chosen to ensure that they not only blend in with the motif but also add life to an already stunning space.

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