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Interior Design Trends in 2022

There is just something about making predictions about which design trends homeowners will embrace this year. Even if a particular style isn't for you, it's always interesting to learn about the color schemes, furniture selections, and other décor trends that are popular right now.

People paid particular attention to items that combine design and functionality in 2021; for example, self-cleaning bidets for a more opulent bathroom. However, this year there is an interest in everything from bringing the outdoors inside to experimenting with patterns and texture to seeking design inspiration from the past. Let’s have a look at the top interior design trends of this year along with what to anticipate in the upcoming months.

Patterns & Textures

We are now, including more patterns and textures in interior design. We don't advocate going crazy with excessive use of prints on all the walls, draperies, and carpets. Instead, a fantastic approach to playing with patterns without seeming chaotic is to combine patterned sofa cushions on plain sofas or patterned rugs on marble or wooden floors.

Textures will be used extensively outside of clothing and carpets. In the image above, the ceiling’s tongue, and groove wooden planks give it an earthy feel and provide architectural interest. The ceiling with exposed beams along with red brick walls and a herringbone patterned floor add a warm rustic feeling to the space without overdoing it.

The organic qualities of wood, stone, and linen, together with their tactile qualities and tones, give 2022 homes a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Using texture in interior design is a key factor in decorating choices. It is not unexpected that more and more of us want to establish a house that is cossetting and cocooning particularly in the present economic scenario. Simply said, a place will seem flat without texture. It's the ideal method to give a space depth, dimension, and decadence.

The designers made sure that the interiors look up to date, were comfortable, and appealing to the eye. The use of rich marble countertops, floors, and walls along with soft and organic fabrics, and patterns in bed linens or drapery bring out the best in the living space.

Biophilic Design & Natural Elements

After spending more than a year indoors, there has been — and will continue to be — an emphasis on using biophilic design principles to reestablish our connection to the natural world. This means there will be a focus on creating relaxing surroundings with ample ventilation and natural lighting, incorporating plants, and forging a visual connection with nature.

In 2022, the use of organic components and natural color schemes became more prevalent. Homes with a soothing presence and a pleasing appearance are considered more comfortable with warm beige, brown, blues, and greens as seen. Muted wood furniture, on the other hand, keeps rooms feeling airy and bright.

Private Luxury Villa - A Project by iMaker Group in Dubai

The dramatic design aspects that distinguish a home are used in the construction of this modern mansion. Simple yet magnificent exteriors are created by clean lines, and lovely open interiors are lit naturally by defined windows. Homes with windows that let in natural light and plants look nicer, too. The advantages are likewise positive when plants are placed on building walls and roofs.

The spaces in this villa exude grandeur - the use of minimal pattern paired with fine, soft upholstery balances the interiors providing visual aesthetic and comfort.

This villa continues to stun us with its approach toward a biophilic design for a residential space. From indoor green walls to giant plant potters, it houses nature in the most luxurious manner while providing thermal benefits to the building while removing air pollutants. Furthermore, the defined windows allow natural light to seep in.

Furthermore, nature can be found in ceiling lights hanging in various spaces in the Villa such as the living and study rooms. The nature-based backdrop against the emerald green sofas along with natural light depicts a profound connection with mother nature. Such walls take us to exotic locations in 2022 that are home to green palm trees and safari animals. These patterns of far-off locations create a sense of escapism and help us feel calm as we are reminded of trips.

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